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BeAngels is the first international mobile application for citizen help in dangerous situations.


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What if we change the world?

Our objective is simple: to help you.

Elige tus contactos de confianza
Choose your trusted contacts

Share your location with your friends or family to always be accompanied. In case of an emergency, all the members of the chosen group will be notified, as well as the users registered in the system who are close to you.


Call 112 and get your coordinates in real time. In case of threat or imminent danger the emergency button will notify your family and friends established in groups of your location in real time.


If you need extra help but not enough to call 112, you can always use "Assistance" where we will notify the selected group of your location via WhatsApp in real time.

Dónde estoy
Where I am

Activate the location so you can orient yourself and see where you are, you can see your coordinates and share with your contacts.

Bloqueos de contactos
Locking contacts

If you do not want to notify your situation to a specific contact in your address book, you just have to add it to the "blocked contacts" section.

En ruta
On Route

When you need to travel from one place to another, you can set an approximate time of arrival. The system will show a countdown that after reaching 0 will issue an alert to your chosen contacts. The system distinguishes whether you are in the city or in an open space to establish better security in case of loss of coverage.

Be an Angel - Sé un Ángel

Have you suffered a situation of fear or danger?

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, at any time, on any day of the year, simply press the alert button. By doing so, BeAngels will automatically send a mass alert to nearby BeAngels and your emergency contacts.

In one click

Notify your family, friends and close people

The system searches by geolocation for other BeAngels that are close to you and can help you.

Help detection, emergency notifications, geolocation and much more.

78% of violent situations could be resolved with a warning


Off home

At BeAngels you also have a moving system alarm. Indicate the approximate time it will take and choose who you want us to notify in case you do not stop the notification.

You are going on an excursion

We have implemented a system of displacements, fall detections and signal losses.

If, for example, you go on a bike tour, you can select the duration of the tour and the warning group, we will take care of the rest. (We detect if you suffer a fall or lose the signal of the device for many minutes by sending your geolocation to your friends and family).

Be an Angel

Why do we need you?

  • The data speaks for itself.

  • Asking for help is synonymous with bravery. And also give it.

  • Have you ever helped someone?

  • Have you ever needed help?

  • Do you want to change the world and you don't know how?

If you answered YES, we look for you
Because the world needs brave people like you; people who feel that the world can change; and that, with something as simple as helping someone, we improve the society in which we live.

Anyone can be you BeAngel

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